Dearing E. "Play the Sicilian Dragon" (K-669)

Dearing E. "Play the Sicilian Dragon" (K-669)

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Dearing E. "Play the Sicilian Dragon" (K-669)

Dearing E. "Play the Sicilian Dragon" (K-669)

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2004 r.wyd.,Gambit, 256 str., duży format, miękka oprawa, język angielski + symbole

The Dragon variation is one of the key battlegrounds of modern chess, and a perennial favourite of ambitious chess-players of all standards. Black develops his pieces so as to maximize the strategic pluses granted him in the Open Sicilian. If White is to expose a defect in the Dragon, it must be by a direct attack, and this leads to ferocious battles, with White trying to checkmate the black king via the h-file, while Black seeks to gain counterplay down the c-file and on the long diagonal. In the Dragon, many Sicilian themes are seen in their clearest form, with the ...Rxc3 exchange sacrifice particularly important. Even Dragon endgames tend to be very sharp, with Black often possessing a swathe of mobile pawns in return for an exchange, a piece, or even a whole rook...


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