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Lekcje końcówek szachowych...
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Lekcje końcówek szachowych - Kaliniczenko, Rosenberg (K-6178)

Среди шахматистов самых разных разрядов встречаются те, кто хорошо разыгрывает дебют, успешно комбинирует в середине игры, но испытывают трудности, когда игра упрощается. 

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Twierdza Królewska nr 1....
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Twierdza Królewska nr 1. Podręcznik dla młodych szachistów (K-6171)

Королевская крепость – оборонительная позиция короля в дебюте и миттельшпиле. Ее стены определяет пешечная структура: у крепости № 1 пешки находятся в начальном положении, то есть на f7, g7, h7 (или f2, g2, h2).

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Improve Your Chess Calculation. Część 1 - R. B. Ramesh (K-6121) Improve Your Chess Calculation. Część 1 - R. B. Ramesh (K-6121)
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Improve Your Chess Calculation. Część 1 - R. B. Ramesh (K-6121)

The Ramesh Chess Course - Część 1

Calculation is key to winning chess games. Converting your chess knowledge into concrete moves requires calculation and precise visualization.

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Master Your Chess with...
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Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar - Andras Toth, Judit Polgar (K-6120)

Inspirational Lessons from the All-Time Best Female Chess Player

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Kingwalks - Yasser Seirawan, Bruce Harper (K-6082)

The Fearsome Fascination of Kingwalks!

Marching your king across the board – at times right through or into enemy lines – may be both exhilarating and terrifying. Nothing may be quite as satisfying as a majestic kingwalk across the board which brings you glorious victory. And nothing as tragicomic as a needless journey ending in epic failure.

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Oops! I resigned Again! - Ian Rogers (K-6080)

Uh-oh! That doesn’t look right!?

Who would be silly enough to resign a tournament game they were not losing? As Oops! I Resigned Again! shows, almost anyone – including some of the world’s best players!

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Winning the World Open - Joel Benjamin, Harold Scott (K-6085)

For nearly fifty years grandmasters and amateurs alike have been making their annual pilgrimage to the World Open. Legendary organizer Bill Goichberg created the model of this iconic event in American chess: large entry fees, large prizes, and no-frills. Every year around the 4th of July, Philadelphia is the scene of countless epic battles at the board.

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1001 Chess Exercises for Advanced Club Players - Frank Erwich (K-6059)

Spot Those Killer Moves and Stun Your Opponent

An advanced club player must look deeper!

In this follow-up to his acclaimed 1001 Chess Exercise for Club Players, FIDE Master Frank Erwich teaches you how to reach the next level of identifying weak spots in the position of your opponent, recognizing patterns of combinations, visualizing tricks and calculating effectively.

Erwich repeats the themes of his previous book, focusing on exercises in which the key move is less obvious. He also introduces new, more sophisticated tactical weapons. They are geared towards the reality of the advanced club player (Elo 1800 – 2300): it is not enough to spot simple combinations, at this level you must be able to resist your reflexes and look deeper.

In variations that look forcing you will always search for that deadly Zwischenzug. Quiet moves in general should be your new best friends. In short: an advanced club player should expect the unexpected. One of the celebrated elements of Erwich’s previous book, which is neglected in other books on tactics, is back: defence! You will also learn how to defend against tactics, as well as how to use tactical weapons when you are under heavy pressure.

This is a complete and structured course, and not just a collection of freewheeling puzzles. Erwich starts every chapter with an instructive explanation of the tactical concept at hand and has carefully selected the most didactically productive exercises.

Frank Erwich is a FIDE Master and an experienced chess trainer from the Netherlands. He holds a Master’s degree in Psychology. In 2019 he published the bestselling 1001 Chess Exercises for Club Players.

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Attacking Strategies for Club Players - Michael Prusikin (K-6058)

How to Create a Deadly Attack on the Enemy King

Attacking your opponent’s king is not just a shortcut to victory, it’s also one of the most enjoyable and gratifying experiences in chess. If you want to win more games you should become a better attacker. Studying typical attacking motifs and ideas easily brings dividends while you are having a good time.

Michael Prusikin presents the prerequisites and the rules for a King attack in a lucid and attractive manner. In 15 thematic chapters he teaches you how to assess the nature of the position, identify the appropriate offensive patterns, find the preliminary moves and conduct your attack in a clear and effective way.

Battering rams, obstructive sacrifices, pawn storms, striking at the castled position, sacrificing a knight on f5, Prusikin demonstrates the most important patterns of attack with lots of clear and well chosen examples.

Next, Prusikin tests your newly acquired insights and your attacking intuition with exercises covering all the themes and motifs. You will find that studying Attacking Strategies for Club Players is both entertaining and rewarding.

Michael Prusikin is an International Grandmaster and a FIDE Senior Trainer from Germany. In 2009 he was the co-winner of the German Championship. Several times he has been voted German Chess Trainer of the Year. He writes the tactics column in the German magazine SCHACH.

“The vast majority of attacking patterns are presented with strikingly clear logic. Any reader who studies this book, almost irrespective of their playing strength, will come away with new ideas for conducting an attack on the king in particular and about chess understanding in general."

Alexander Khalifman, former FIDE World Champion

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The Magnus Method - Emmanuel Neiman (K-6051)

The Singular Skills of the World’s Strongest Chess Player Uncovered and Explained

What is it that makes Magnus Carlsen the strongest chess player in the world? Why do Carlsen’s opponents, the best players around, fail to see his moves coming? Moves that, when you replay his games, look natural and self-evident?

Emmanuel Neiman has been studying Carlsen’s games and style of play for many years. His findings will surprise, delight and educate every player, regardless of their level. He explains a key element in the World Champion’s play: instead of the ‘absolute’ best move he often plays the move that is likely to give him the better chances.

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The Comfort Zone - Keys to Your Chess Success - Daniel Gormally (K-6027)

Have you ever wondered why you do well in certain tournaments and not in others? If your opening choices are the right ones? If your attacking play is good, bad, or Tinder swipe left ugly?

In this entertaining account, the author explains how to achieve success in chess we need to understand our what works for us, but to achieve true mastery we should prepare to go beyond our zone of comfort.

Along the way he takes us on a journey through his own world of discovery and explains how he became one of the best chess players in England. It’s a deeply honest and at times tragicomic memoir as he also reveals his strategy for taking on his biggest rivals and how best to use computers to improve your chess.

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The Secret Ingredient to Winning at Chess - David Navara, Jan Markos (K-6024) The Secret Ingredient to Winning at Chess - Spis treści -10%
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The Secret Ingredient to Winning at Chess - David Navara, Jan Markos (K-6024)

The Secret Ingredient is a grandmaster guide to maximizing your chess results, focusing on key elements of practical play which have received little to no attention in previous chess literature.

How exactly can we best make use of computers? What’s the ideal, step-by-step way to prepare against a specific opponent? How can we optimize our time management at the board? And what’s the one key skill that separates the best players from those who have yet to reach their full potential? GM Jan Markos sheds light on these topics and many more, helped by the world-class insights of his good friend GM David Navara.

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Attacking the Strongpoint - Igor Zaitsev -30%
  • -30%

Attacking the Strongpoint - Igor Zaitsev (K-6013)

Grandmaster Igor Zaitsev ranks as one of the most creative chess minds ever in the history of the royal game. This is his book of secrets and methods, his remarkable life’s work.

Zaitsev unearthed astonishing ideas which even giants of the game had overlooked. World champions Tigran Petrosian and Anatoly Karpov insisted on Zaitsev’s analytical help in their matches, wanting to be first to play his profound discoveries, such as the famous Zaitsev Variation of the Ruy Lopez.

Zaitsev was himself a tournament champion. With his sharp, combinative style, he won dozens of “Most Beautiful Game” awards. Many of these games provide context for his lessons.

But Zaitsev is even more than a renowned coach and competitor. Part analyst, part champion, part chess philosopher, and part chess poet, he reveals the underlying logic and beauty of chess in a way no one else has ever done.

In his eye-opening title chapter, “Attacking the Strongpoint,” Zaitsev makes explicitly clear a common strategic element never formalized until this book. Often overlooked by amateurs and even GMs, the idea can lead to winning tactics in many games!

Backed up by top-level games, Zaitsev also provides deep-level explanations about:

- Combinations and Piece Harmony

- Strategy and Structure

- Learning from the Cycle of Chess Epochs

- The Role of Reason and Judgment

- The Chess Law of Conservation of Energy

- Strategy: Evolution vs. Revolution, Recognizing a Favorable Structure

- As you read Zaitsev, you’ll often find yourself thinking, “Ah, now I get it!&rdquo

The volume is topped off by supplemental games, a complete autobiography by Zaitsev, a special foreword by world champion Garry Kasparov, as well as tributes and memories from world champion Anatoly Karpov and famed coach Mark Dvoretsky.

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Puzzle Quest 2020 - Ivan Ivanisevic (K-6008)

Selected and analysed by Ivan Ivanisevic

- Test your chess prowess and sharpen your tactical antenna

- 500 carefully selected exercises

- 5 levels of difficulty

- Practical training tool with detailed solutions

Study, practice and improve with our selection of tactical jewels!

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Podręcznik szachowy. Pełny kurs. Wydanie II (K-6006)

Шахматы - одна из самых распространенных игр в мире, причем их популярность постоянно растет. И не важно, сколько вам лет: восемь или восемьдесят. В этой книге вы найдете все, чтобы в полной мере насладиться шахматами — от объяснений правил игры до начального курса дебютов.

Вашими наставниками станут легендарные Эмануил Ласкер, Хосе Рауль Капабланка, Макс Эйве, Арон Нимцович и другие. Шахматы существуют не только для особо одаренных людей, они — одно из самых увлекательных занятий для всех и каждого.

Для широкого круга читателей.

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How to Study Chess on Your Own - Davorin Kuljasevic (K-5995)

Study chess without wasting your time and energy

Every chess player wants to improve, but many, if not most, lack the tools or the discipline to study in an effective way. With so much material on offer, the eternal question is: ‘How can I study chess without wasting my time and energy?’

Davorin Kuljasevic provides the full and ultimate answer, as he presents a structured study approach that has long-term improvement value. He explains how to study and what to study, offers specific advice for the various stages of the game and points out how to integrate all elements in an actionable study plan.

-How do you optimize your learning process?

- How do you develop good study habits and get rid of useless ones?

- What study resources are appropriate for players of different levels?

Many self-improvement guides are essentially little more than a collection of exercises. Davorin Kuljasevic reflects on learning techniques and priorities in a fundamental way. And although this is not an exercise book, it is full of instructive examples looked at from unusual angles.

To provide a solid self-study framework, Kuljasevic categorizes lots of important aspects of chess study in a guide that is rich in illustrative tables, figures and bullet points. Anyone, from casual player to chess professional, will take away a multitude of original learning methods and valuable practical improvement ideas.

Davorin Kuljasevic is an International Grandmaster born in Croatia. He graduated from Texas Tech University and is an experienced coach. His bestselling book Beyond Material: Ignore the Face Value of Your Pieces was a finalist for the Boleslavsky-Averbakh Award, the best book prize of FIDE, the International Chess Federation.

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Od amatora do międzynarodowego mistrza - Jonathan Hawkins (K-5988)

Книга Джонатана Хокинса отвечает на вопрос о том, как обычный игрок клубного уровня сумел в короткий срок выйти на штурм гроссмейстерских высот.

Секрет успеха – в знании того, что нужно изучать, и как это делать максимально эффективно. Сделав упор на изучение эндшпиля, Джонатан разработал метод «строительных блоков» и выделил строго необходимые темы для глубокого анализа. Результатом упорной работы стал его стремительный взлет по рейтинговой лестнице.

На страницах книги впервые открываются секреты записных книжек автора. Его личные наработки и методы, доказавшие свою эффективность, помогут читателю серьезно повысить свою практическую силу игры за счет глубокого освоения ключевых аспектов шахмат. Многие задания учат тем идеям, которые не найти ни в одном учебнике.

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Street Smart Chess - Axel Smith -10%
  • -10%

Street Smart Chess - Axel Smith (K-5985)

Street Smart Chess is an expert guide to scoring more points at the chessboard. When does it pay off to play hard for a win? Or safe for a draw? And how do you adapt your playing style accordingly?

GM Axel Smith answers these questions, and more, by using a world-class player as a model for each chapter. Learn how Magnus Carlsen grinds out wins from level positions; how David Navara beats lower-rated opponents, and how Baskaran Adhiban beats higher-rated ones! Or serve-and-volley in the opening like Peter Heine Nielsen.

Playing well is a good start in chess, but you also need to be Street Smart.

Axel Smith is the award-winning author of The Woodpecker Method, Pump Up Your Rating and e3 Poison, which were all enthusiastically received by readers and reviewers. Using the Woodpecker as part of his training, as an adult he improved from a rating of 2100 to becoming a Grandmaster.

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Desert Island Chess Puzzle Omnibus - 400 puzzli - G. Burgess, J. Nunn, M. Adams, W. So (K-5984)

If you had to choose a single luxury chess item to take to a desert island, then how about this – a superb selection of 400 puzzles to solve? Each author has carefully chosen 100 original positions, graded by difficulty and theme into four sections of 25. The emphasis throughout is on entertainment, instruction and inspiration. The solutions pinpoint lessons to be learnt and explain why plausible but incorrect solutions fail.

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Chess for Educators: How to Organize and Promote a Meaningful Chess Teaching Program - Karel van Delft (K-5969)

Chess has the rare quality that children love it despite the fact that it is good for them. Playing chess is just like life: you have to make plans, take decisions, be creative, deal with challenges, handle disappointments, interact with others and evaluate your actions.

In this guide, psychologist and chess teacher Karel van Delft provides access to the underlying scientific research and presents the best didactical methods. Van Delft has created a dependable toolkit for teachers and scholastic chess organizers.

What can teachers do to improve their instruction? How (un)important is talent? How do you support a special needs group? How do you deal with parents? What are the best selling points of a chess program? Boys and girls, does it make a difference? How do ‘chess in schools’ programs fare in different countries?

This is not a book on chess rules and moves, but it points the way to where good technical chess improvement content can be found. Van Delft offers a wealth of practical advice on the most effective didactics in order for kids to build critical life skills through learning chess.

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Szachowa Szkoła J. Zukertorta (K-5961)

Творчество Иоганна Германа Цукерторта является одной из самых ярких страниц шахматного искусства XIX века. Участник первого матча на первенство мира, триумфатор крупнейшего международного турнира в Лондоне 1883 года, Цукерторт являлся продолжателем славных романтических традиций «старой» комбинационной школы и, одновременно, одним из созидателей «новой» позиционной школы. Поэтому стиль Цукерторта был отмечен особой гармонией и изяществом.

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Spacer po szachowym Olimpie - Wladimir Linder (K-5953)

Уважаемый читатель! В твоих руках сборник самых дорогих и памятных автору произведений – и давно написанных, и пролежавших несколько десятилетий в архиве, и родившихся в последние годы. Мои пробы пера в самых разных литературных жанрах, включая поэтический, всегда удивляли и радовали папу – историка шахмат Исаака Линдера. 

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The Lasker Method to Improve in Chess: A Manual for Modern-Day Club Players - Gerard Welling, Steve Giddins (K-5952)

Many club players think that studying chess is all about cramming as much information in their brain as they can. Most textbooks support that notion by stressing the importance of always trying to find the objectively best move. As a result amateur players are spending way too much time worrying about subtleties that are really only relevant for grandmasters.

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Magnus Karlsen. 32 białe zwycięstwa. Krok po kroku - Zenon Franko (K-5928)

В своей новой книге гроссмейстер Зенон Франко глубоко анализирует 32 «белые» поучительные победы (включая партии 2020 года) чемпиона мира Магнуса Карлсена. Книга не перегружена вариантами, акцент – на подробных объяснениях в стиле «ход за ходом», что формирует идеальную платформу для изучения шахмат. В «опорных» точках каждой партии читателю предлагаются тестовые вопросы, что помогает и практическому изучению ключевых приемов шахматной игры, и надежному усвоению обретаемых знаний. Вопросы и ответы вовлекают читателя в процесс обучения и помогают ему отслеживать рост своей шахматной силы. 

Большинство партий взято из недавнего творчества Карлсена. Почти все его соперники супергроссмейстеры, – экс-чемпионы мира Виши Ананд и Владимир Крамник, а также Уэсли Со, Максим Вашье-Лаграв, Александр Грищук, Левон Аронян, Борис Гельфанд, Аниш Гири и др.

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Z młodzieżą - do końcówki! - Tom 2 - Michaił Szereszewski (K-5927)

Новая работа заслуженного тренера Белоруссии, автора классических трудов «Стратегия эндшпиля» и «Контуры эндшпиля», – о понимании современной игры в сложном игровом эндшпиле.

Из предисловия 14-го чемпиона мира Владимира Крамника: «В юности, когда я только начинал изучать шахматы, одной из, можно сказать, «библий» по игровым окончаниям была книга этого же автора «Стратегия эндшпиля». Она считалась «канонической», все тренеры в Советском Союзе рекомендовали своим ученикам: «Читай Шерешевского!» Я сам внимательно проштудировал эту книжку, и мне она очень понравилась. Слышал, что она понравилась и Магнусу Карлсену – понятное дело, много лет спустя. Книга «С молодежью – в эндшпиль» продолжает ту же линию, но назвать ее «вторым изданием», конечно, будет несправедливо – в ней очень много нового. Причем не просто дополнительных свежих примеров (по объему этот двухтомник, наверное, раза в 3-4 больше советской книжки в мягком переплете), но и оригинальных концепций, новых подходов к изучению эндшпиля».

Книга адресована, в первую очередь, юным шахматистам, их тренерам и родителям, но будет полезна всем любителям шахмат независимо от возраста и квалификации.

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Kowal Mistrzów. Partie, etiudy i zadania - Siergiej Tkaczenko (K-5925)

Книга рассказывает о творческом пути яркого шахматного подвижника, мастера спорта СССР по практической игре и композиции, блистательного журналиста и наставника этюдных чемпионов – Анатолия Георгиевича Кузнецова (1932–2000).

В книге разобраны пятьдесят его партий и фрагментов. Среди соперников Кузнецова много знаменитых матадоров: будущий чемпион мира Борис Спасский, гроссмейстеры Игорь Бондаревский, Александр Толуш, Евгений Васюков, Владимир Либерзон, Владимир Симагин, Леонид Шамкович, Владимир Антошин…

Дополнят творческий портрет маэстро сто избранных этюдов и задач, ставших классикой шахматного искусства. Так, 12-й чемпион мира Анатолий Карпов прокомментировал три произведения Кузнецова для книги «Шахматный этюд глазами гроссмейстера». Также Анатолий Георгиевич был подлинным творцом талантов, среди его воспитанников – международные гроссмейстеры Эрнест Погосянц, Николай Кралин и Олег Перваков.

Книга рассчитана на широкий круг шахматистов, от начинающего до гроссмейстера.

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To Exchange or Not?: The Ultimate Workbook - Eduardas Rozentalis (K-5917)

Following on from his first successful book The Correct Exchange in the Endgame, Eduardas Rozentalis turns his attention towards the best tool for chess improvement: test your current knowledge!

Our author has provided the most important key elements to practice one of the most difficult decisions: exchange or not!

With most competitive games nowadays being played to a finish in a single session, this knowledge may prove invaluable over the board. His brand new coverage is the best tool for anyone looking to improve his insights or can be used as perfect teaching material.

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600 Modern Chess Puzzles - Martyn Kravtsiv (K-5914)

"The easiest, quickest and most effective way to improve your overall game is to increase your tactical vision. Many good positions are lost because a key moment is passed by and a player misses the opportunity to win by a beautiful combination. This book is designed simply to help you improve your play by seeing tactics better."

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Zlotnik's Middlegame Manual: Typical Structures and Strategic Manoeuvres - Boris Zlotnik (K-5906)

If you want to improve your middlegame play, you will have to develop a FEEL for positions.

That’s what Boris Zlotnik has been stressing during his long and rich trainer’s career. Clicking through concrete variations (a popular pastime in the computer era) is not enough. To guide your thinking during a game you should be able to fall back on a reservoir of typical ideas and methods.

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Bobi Fischer. Klasyczny podręcznik szachowy - IM Kaliniczenko (K-5900)

Этот шахматный учебник — эссенция опыта чемпиона мира по шахматам Роберта Фишера. Гениальный шахматист, Роберт Фишер обладал прямым и последовательным стилем игры, основанным на кристально ясных энергичных планах. Это позволило ему выиграть множество "учебно-показательных" партий, напоминающих лекции по отдельным шахматным темам. Эти "лекции" оказали большое влияние на элитных шахматистов нескольких поколений, сегодня их необходимо использовать в обучении абсолютно всем, для чего данный учебник и предназначен. Книгу отличает полнота подбора примеров (170 партий и фрагментов) и широта охватываемых тем (есть даже глава, посвященная усилению игры в "блиц"). Работа с книгой повысит результаты шахматиста любой квалификации.

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Szachowy Uniwersytet Paula Keresa - Jakow Nejsztadt (K-5892)

Известный теоретик и историк шахмат мастер Я. И. Нейштадт написал руководство по стратегии и тактике. Предлагаемый им курс основан на творческом наследии Пауля Кереса, одного из сильнейших шахматистов своего времени. Это учебное руководство, охватывающее оценку положения и планирование, методы атаки и обороны, классификацию комбинаций и расчет вариантов, и в то же время - галерея произведений знаменитого гроссмейстера, сгруппированных по темам.

Учебному материалу предпослан очерк о спортивном пути Кереса, стиле его игры и месте, которое он занял в истории шахмат.

Новое издание прошло компьютерную проверку.

2-е издание, исправленное.

Ранее книга издавалась под названием "Шахматный университет Пауля Кереса".

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Z młodzieżą - do końcówki! - Tom 1 - Michaił Szereszewski (K-5891)

Из предисловия 14-го чемпиона мира Владимира Крамника: «В юности, когда я только начинал изучать шахматы, одной из, можно сказать, «библий» по игровым окончаниям была книга этого же автора «Стратегия эндшпиля». Она считалась «канонической», все тренеры в Советском Союзе рекомендовали своим ученикам: «Читай Шерешевского!» Я сам внимательно проштудировал эту книжку, и мне она очень понравилась. Слышал, что она понравилась и Магнусу Карлсену – понятное дело, много лет спустя.  

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World Champion Chess for... -20%
  • -20%

World Champion Chess for Juniors: Learn From the Greatest Players Ever - Joel Benjamin (K-5885)

Grandmaster Joel Benjamin introduces all seventeen World Chess Champions and shows what is important about their style of play and what you can learn from them. He describes both their historical significance and how they inspired his own development as a player.

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How to swindle in chess - Andrew Soltis (K-5863)

A book by stalwart chess writer on an aspect of chess that is quite common, but little is written about, swindling in chess. In chess, a swindle is a ruse by which a player in a losing position tricks his opponent, and thereby achieves a win or draw instead of the expected loss. Renown chess writers Horowitz and Reinfeld observe that swindles, "though ignored in virtually all chess books", "play an enormously important role in over-the-board chess, and decide the fate of countless games".

Andrew Soltis, American chess journalist, says swindles are not accidental or a matter of luck. Swindling is a skill. But there has been almost nothing written about how to do it, how to make yourself lucky in chess. Swindling means setting traps that exploit an opponent’s over-confidence. It means choosing the move that has the greatest chance of winning, rather than the move that has the least chance of losing.

Soltis’ new proposal will explain to players of all levels how to do just that with plenty of examples to explain along the way.


International Grandmaster Andrew Soltis is chess correspondent for the New York Post and a very popular chess writer. He is the author of many books including What it Takes to Become a Chess Master, Studying Chess Made Easy and David Vs Goliath Chess.

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Chess Calculation Training for Kids and Club Players - Level 1: Checkmating - Romain Edouard (K-5780) Chess Calculation Training for Kids and Club Players - Level 1: Checkmating - Romain Edouard (K-5780) -20%
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The New In Chess Book of Chess Improvement (K-5247) The New In Chess Book of Chess Improvement (K-5247) -20,00 zł
  • -20,00 zł

The New In Chess Book of Chess Improvement (K-5247)

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300 Most Important Chess Positions - Thomas Engqvist (K-5622)

Study five a week to be a better chess player

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