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Turnieje, mecze

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Caruana's Ruy Lopez A White...
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Caruana's Ruy Lopez A White Repertoire for Club Players - Fabiano Caruana (K-6048)

Working on chess tactics and checkmates will help you win more games. It develops your pattern recognition and your ‘board vision’ – your ability to capitalize on opportunities. This Workbook features a complete set of fundamental tactics, checkmate patterns, exercises, hints, and solutions.

Peter Giannatos selected 738 exercises based on ten years of experience with thousands of pupils at the prize-winning Charlotte Chess Center. All problems are clean, without unnecessary fluff that detracts from their instructive value. The Workbook has ample room for writing down the solutions to the exercises. This is helpful for both students and coaches, who can assign homework from the book without having to worry about being unable to review the solutions. And writing down the correct chess moves will greatly accelerate your learning process.

Everyone’s First Chess Workbook offers you a treasure trove of chess knowledge and more than enough lessons to keep you busy for a year!

137,00 zł
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Magnus, Strzeż się!....
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NOWOŚĆ ! Zobacz więcej nowości
Mistrzowskie zwycięstwa...
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The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Część I - Grigory Bogdanovich (K-5867)

The Creative Power of Bogoljubov Volume I: Pawn Play, Sacrifices, Restriction and More (2020) - Grigory Bogdanovich

Efim Bogoljubov was one of the world’s very strongest players in the 1920s and 1930s. Twice he played Alexander Alekhine for the world championship title (1929 and 1934) and he won the famous Moscow 1925 tournament, ahead of Jose Capablanca, Emanuel Lasker and many other stars. He also won the Soviet championship in 1924 and 1925, as well as a host of other international tournaments. His play featured many sparkling combinations, as well as a deep positional understanding.

148,00 zł
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Genna Remembers - Genna Sosonko
  • Nowość

Genna Remembers - Genna Sosonko (K-6025)

"Half a century ago I left a country whose red color dominated a large portion of the world map. One way or another, the fate of almost every single person described in this book is forever linked with that now non-existent empire.

Many of them ended up beyond its borders too. Cultures and traditions, and certainly not least of all a Soviet mentality, couldn’t have just left them without a trace.

Having been transplanted into a different environment, they had to play the role of themselves, apart from certain corrections with regard to the tastes and customs of a ew society.

Nevertheless, every one of them, both those who left the Soviet Union and those who stayed behind, were forever linked by one common united phenomenon: they all belonged to the Soviet school of chess."

136,00 zł

I was a Victim of Bobby Fischer - Mark Taimanov (K-6018)

The first ever English translation of this remarkable book, giving the inside story on the 1971 match.

136,00 zł

Chess Board Options - Larry Kaufman (K-6011)

A Memoir of Players, Games and Engines

Larry Kaufman can safely be called an exceptional chess grandmaster

Larry Kaufman started out as a prodigy, however not in chess but as a whizz kid in science and math. He excels at shogi (Japanese chess) and Go, and is also a world-famous computer programmer and a highly successful option trader. Remarkably, as a chess player he only peaked at the weirdly late age of fifty.

Yet his victories in the chess arena are considerable. Over a career span of nearly sixty years Kaufman won the state championships of Massachusetts, Maryland, Florida, Virginia, D.C. and Pennsylvania. He was an American Open Champion and won the U.S. Senior Championship as well as the World Senior Championship.

‘Never a great chess player’ himself (his words), he met or played chess greats such as Bobby Fischer, Bent Larsen, Walter Browne, Boris Spassky, Viktor Kortchnoi and many others. He worked as a second to legendary grandmaster Roman Dzindzichashvili, and coached three talented youngsters to become International Master, one of them his son Raymond.

This engrossing memoir is rife with stories and anecdotes about dozens of famous and not-so-famous chess players. In one of the most remarkable chapters Larry Kaufman reveals that the American woman chess player that inspired Walter Tevis to create the Beth Harmon character of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit fame, is his former girlfriend. You will learn about neural networks, material values and how being a chess master helps when trading options. And find lots of memorable but little-known annotated games.

Larry Kaufman is an American Grandmaster. He has been involved in computer chess since 1967, when he worked on ‘MacHack’, the first computer that competed in tournaments with human players. More recently he has been working on the programs Rybka and Komodo.

114,00 zł

The Unstoppable American - Jan Timman (K-6010)

Bobby Fischer’s Road to Reykjavik

Initially things looked gloomy for Bobby Fischer. Because he had refused to participate in the 1969 US Championship, he had missed his chance to qualify for the 1970 Interzonal Tournament in Palma de Mallorca. Only when another American, Pal Benko, withdrew in his favour, and after the officials were willing to bend the rules, could Bobby enter the contest. And begin his phenomenal run that would end with the Match of the Century in Reykjavik against World Champion Boris Spassky.

Fischer started out by sweeping the field at the 23-round Palma Interzonal to qualify for the next stage of the cycle. In the Candidates Matches he first faced Mark Taimanov, in Vancouver. Fischer trounced the Soviet ace, effectively ending Taimanov’s career. Then, a few months later in Denver, he was up against Bent Larsen, the Great Dane. Fischer annihilated him, too. The surreal score in those two matches, twice 6-0, flabbergasted chess fans all over the world.

In the ensuing Candidates Final in Buenos Aires, Fischer also made short shrift of former World Champion Tigran Petrosian, beating the hyper-solid ‘Armenian Tiger’ 6½-2½. Altogether, Fischer had scored an incredible 36 points from 43 games against many of the world’s best players, including a streak of 19 consecutive wins. Bobby Fischer had become not just a national hero in the US, but a household name with pop-star status all over the world.

Jan Timman chronicles the full story of Fischer’s sensational run and takes a fresh look at the games. The annotations are in the author’s trademark lucid style, that happy mix of colourful background information and sharp, crystal-clear explanations.

Jan Timman is the author of many bestselling books. His Timman’s Titans won the 2017 ECF Book of the Year Award. In The Longest Game, Timman revisited the epic rivalry between Garry Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov. His most recent book Timman’s Triumphs: My 100 Best Games again met with wide acclaim.

127,00 zł
Yearbook 139 -10%
  • -10%

New in Chess Yearbook 139 (K-339/139)

New In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings. Each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess opening theory. Have a look at what this issue has to offer.


This issue’s Forum Section features an article by René Olthof on the stunning piece sacrifice with which Fabiano Caruana took Maxime Vachier-Lagrave by surprise in the second leg of the Candidates Tournament. This is followed by some unique analysis material by Ganguly on a game he lost against Pavel Eljanov! Two other grandmasters, Mikheil Mchedlishvili and Max Warmerdam, also made a contribution, and you should certainly check out IJntze Hoekstra’s short but intriguing note to the book Side-Stepping Mainline Theory by Gerard Welling and Steve Giddins!

From Our Own Correspondent

Our GM correspondent Erwin l’Ami starts his column with a good equalizing method for Black in the Tarrasch and then presents a thorough analysis of a correspondence game with the Delayed Poisoned Pawn in the Najdorf. L’Ami has played the Black side of Kramnik’s QGD endgame and demonstrates that Black is OK here – which cannot be said of his two final subjects, the Poisoned Pawn line in the London System and the Winawer French with 7…0-0.


Part of Glenn Flear’s Reviews column is dedicated to modern media again. The 2-volume ebook The Modern French by Kryakvin is reviewed and compared to two other recent works on the French: Anish Giri’s awesome Lifetime repertoire course; The French Defense (for Chessable) and Pentala Harikrishna’s book Beat the French Defence with 3.Nc3. The Englishman also pays attention to Ilya Smirin’s book Sicilian Warfare – arguably more than just an opening book – and of course the latest masterpiece by Parimarjan Negi: Grandmaster repertoire: 1.e4 vs Minor Defences.

121,50 zł Cena podstawowa 135,00 zł

Wasilij Wasiliewicz Smysłow (K-6005)

Z okazji stulecia urodzin Wasilija Wasiljewicza Smysłowa Rosyjska Federacja Szachowa wydała album fotograficzny przedstawiający życie siódmego mistrza świata. To nie tylko fotobiografia wielkiego szachisty, ale także panorama szachowego życia naszego kraju przez siedemdziesiąt lat, od lat trzydziestych do początku XXI wieku.

Album wydany na papierze kredowym. Zdjęcia w albumie są wydrukowane na kolorowo.

99,00 zł

NEW IN CHESS - Yearbook nr 138 (K-339/138)

New In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings. Each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess opening theory. Have a look at what this issue has to offer.


The Forum section contains a lot of material from the Tata Steel Chess Tournament which ended just before our deadline. You can find hot ‘Tata’ contributions by Han Schut, René Olthof and Frank Erwich, besides an impressive analysis by young player Artem Odegov, an SOS line versus the Najdorf employed by Nakamura against MVL no less than 10 times in the Speed final (written by Peter Boel) and a baffling opening discovery by new grandmaster Max Warmerdam who was also the second of Tata winner Jorden van Foreest.

From Our Own Correspondent

Our GM correspondent Erwin l’Ami dives deep into five openings again with the help of correspondence chess games. You’re getting the latest on the English Attack vs the Najdorf, a new path for Black in a difficult King’s Indian/Benoni hybrid, a sharp attacking game with the Shirov/Shabalov Slav, a new blow for the Blumenfeld Gambit, and another blow for a much-applauded Bobby Fischer idea for Black in the Benoni.


Glenn Flear sees Magnus Carlsen’s influence on opening theory grow and grow. He reviews two books on variations named after the World Champion: Carlsen’s Neo-Møller by Ioannis Simeonidis and The Carlsen Variation by Carsten Hansen – the inventor of which variation, by the way, is ‘close by’! Flear also takes a look at an impressive tome on a very obscure variation: The Exhilarating Elephant Gambit by Jakob Aabling Thomsen and Michael Agermose Jensen, and first but not least at a French opening – another novelty in the Yearbook! It’s called Jouez la Française and it’s by GM Manuel Apicella.

135,00 zł
NEW IN CHESS - Yearbook nr... -20%
  • -20%

NEW IN CHESS - Yearbook nr 137 (K-339/137)

New In Chess Yearbook, which appears four times a year, contains the latest news in chess openings. Each issue brings you dozens of new ideas on the cutting edge of modern chess opening theory. Have a look at what this issue has to offer.


The experiments have continued in the many online events held during the OTB lockdown. That makes excellent Forum material! Han Schut writes about Magnus Carlsen’s 7.g4 in the QGD (it gets played earlier and earlier) and René Olthof was pleasantly surprised by a Vasily Ivanchuk win with the King’s Gambit – an opening on which we also have a Survey, for the first time in ages, by Bogdan Lalic. And be sure not to miss Krishnan Sasikiran’s amazing analysis of a recent correspondence game featuring the Anti-Sveshnikov Sicilian.

From Our Own Correspondent

This time Erwin l’Ami presents a mixture of standard and non-standard openings. You’ll be surprised to know that From’s Gambit seems to hold up even in correspondence games! That is an encouraging thought for all those gambiteers out there. The Catalan and the QGD are also extensively scrutinized, the latter with a correspondence game by the Dutch GM himself, and he concludes with a study of two nice offbeat openings.


The same juxtaposition as in the Correspondence column can also be found in Glenn Flear’s reviews this time. A Complete Opening Repertoire for Black after 1.e4 e5! by new author Yuriy Krykun (who will be awarded the IM title soon and has also written Surveys for us) features some fresh out-of-the-box ideas, and this is even more so in the case of Unconventional Approaches to Modern Chess Volumes 1 and 2 by Alexander Ipatov, whose middle name seems to be ‘Unorthodox’. More classical approaches can be found in Martyn Kravtsiv’s thorough work The Italian Renaissance (also 2 volumes!) and Squeezing 1.e4 e5: a solid strategic approach by Alexander Khalifman and Sergei Soloviov.

108,00 zł Cena podstawowa 135,00 zł

Eseje o historii szachów w ZSRR, 1945 rok - Wasilij Nowiczenko (K-5967)

Книга рассказывает о шахматных соревнованиях в 1945 году. Об участии советских (российских) шахматистов в соревнованиях за рубежом... В 1945 году - это был в основном Алехин. Рассказывается о главных соревнованиях: чемпионаты СССР, республик, городов, областей, спортивных обществ... Освещены только очные соревнования... Основное внимание в книге посвящено РСФСР. Освещены события и отдельно по областям, краям, республикам. Издание энциклопедического формата тиражом 45 экземпляров!

77,00 zł

Arcymistrz Sawon. Mistrz i Mentor - Aleksander Moiseenko (K-5968)

Гроссмейстер Савон. Чемпион и Наставник Автор: Александр Моисеенко У книзі детально описується спортивний і життєвий шлях Володимира Андрійовича Савона, першого гросмейстера в історії міста Харкова. Володимир Андрійович відомий не тільки як шахіст найвищого рівня, але і як видатний тренер, який виховав цілу плеяду відомих гросмейстерів. Описуються перипетії змагань і спортивного життя, починаючи з 1960-х років і закінчуючи 21-м століттям. Любитель шахів знайде в ній більше 100 прокоментованих партій Володимира Андрійовича. Спеціально для цієї книги главу написав Василь Іванчук. Автор: Олександр Моїсеєнко Міжнародний гросмейстер, учень Володимира Савона. Дворазовий Олімпійський чемпіон у складі збірної України з шахів 2004 і 2010 рр. Чемпіон Європи 2013 р. Переможець і призер багатьох міжнародних турнірів.

99,00 zł

Rosyjski Sfinks. Aleksander Alechin - Siergiej Woronkow (K-5959)

Новая работа известного шахматного историка и писателя Сергея Воронкова – это книга-откровение, книга-сенсация! Перед нами, по сути, первая серьезная попытка осмыслить загадку личности легендарного чемпиона мира Александра Алехина.

89,00 zł

Gra środkowa w szachach - Reuben Fine (K-5958)

Перед Вами легендарный учебник, вошедший в золотой фонд мировой шахматной литературы. Он написан выдающимся гроссмейстером, блестящим литератором и посвящен последовательному изучению всех приемов и стадий игры в миттельшпиле – от комбинационных возможностей каждой фигуры до перехода в эндшпиль, включая типовые пешечные структуры. 

49,00 zł

Szachowa twórczość 1980-1986 - Michail Tal (K-5957)

Таль Михаил Нехемьевич (9.11.1936—28.06.1992) восьмой чемпион мира (1960—1961), международный гроссмейстер (1957). Чемпион Латвии 1953, 1965 гг. Чемпион СССР 1957, 1958, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978 гг. 

59,00 zł

Fabiano Karuana: Krok po kroku - Cyrus Lakdawala (K-5954)

Фабиано Каруана - один из сильнейших шахматистов современности, участник матча за звание чемпиона мира. В своей книге гроссмейстер Сайрус Лакдавала изучает в деталях шахматный стиль Каруаны на примере его лучших, включая 2020 год, партий.

59,00 zł

Szachowa twórczość 1962-1967 - Michail Tal (K-5956)

Tаль Михаил Нехемьевич (9.11.1936—28.06.1992) восьмой чемпион мира (1960—1961), международный гроссмейстер (1957). Чемпион Латвии 1953, 1965 гг. Чемпион СССР 1957, 1958, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978 гг. 

59,00 zł

Szachowa twórczość 1968 - 1973 - Michaił Tal (K-5929)

Таль Михаил Нехемьевич (9.11.1936—28.06.1992) восьмой чемпион мира (1960—1961), международный гроссмейстер (1957). Чемпион Латвии 1953, 1965 гг. Чемпион СССР 1957, 1958, 1967, 1972, 1974, 1978 гг. Восьмикратный победитель Всемирных шахматных олимпиад в составе команды СССР, шестикратный чемпион Европы и трехкратный чемпион мира среди студентов в командном зачете. Победитель первого неофициального чемпионата мира по блицу (1988). Победитель межзональных турниров 1958, 1964, 1979 гг., турнира претендентов 1959 г., участник двух матчей на мировое первенство и семи матчей претендентов. Одержал победы в 44 международных турнирах.

Наиболее полный сборник партий М. Таля рассчитан на широкий круг любителей шахмат.

55,00 zł

Szachowa twórczość Bogoljubowa. Przez pryzmat teorii - Grigorij Bogdanowicz (K-5926)

Первый капитальный труд, посвящённый замечательному шахматисту, дважды игравшему матч за звание чемпиона мира, Ефиму Дмитриевичу Боголюбову. В шахматной литературе творчество Боголюбова представлено недостаточно широко. А между тем шахматное наследие одного из величайших шахматистов первой половины XX века - это кладезь шахматных идей и приёмов.

Первая часть книги представляет собой биографический очерк, дополненный редкими, ранее неизвестными документами и фотографиями. Во второй части, где рассматривается шахматное творчество Боголюбова, даётся его творческий портрет. Тематическое разбиение партий Боголюбова выпукло иллюстрирует широту диапазона его мастерства. Творчество Боголюбова настолько многогранно, что из его партий можно подобрать пример на любую тему общей шахматной теории.

Подробные комментарии, распределение материала по темам делают книгу хорошим учебником шахматной игры.

119,00 zł

Mikhail Botvinnik: Sixth World Chess Champion: The World Chess Champion Series - Isaak Linder, Vladimir Linder (K-5923)

The Patriarch of Soviet Chess

From the mid-1930s to the early 1960s, one man towered above all other chessplayers. That was the sixth world chess champion, Mikhail Botvinnik. His calm, deep analytical approach, supplemented by careful attention to his mental and physical conditioning served him well throughout his career.

BRAK NA MAGAZYNIE - produkt może zostać sprowadzony "NA ZAMÓWIENIE"

112,00 zł

Timman’s Triumphs: My 100 Best Games - Jan Timman (K-5876)

Jan Timman is one of the greatest chess players never to win the world title. For many years ‘the Best of the West’ belonged to the chess elite, collecting quite a few super tournament victories. Three times Timman was a Candidate for the World Championship and his peak in the world rankings was second place, in 1982.

For this definitive collection, Timman has revisited his career and subjected his finest efforts to fresh analysis supported by modern technology. The result is startling and fascinating. From the games that he chose for his Timman’s Selected Games (1994, also published as Chess the Adventurous Way), only 10(!) made the cut. Some games that he had been proud of turned out to be flawed, others that he remembered as messy were actually well played.

146,00 zł

Wszyscy Mistrzowie Świata w Szachach. Najlepsze partie. (K-5898)

Евгений Гик – знаменитый шахматный литератор и мастер, написавший около 180 книг. В данной работе представлены 266 прокомментированных лучших партий всех чемпионов мира, включая действующего – Магнуса Карлсена. Читатель найдет здесь также удивительные истории про шахматных королей, а также редкие фотографии. Изучая лучшие партии сильнейших гроссмейстеров в истории шахмат, вы бесспорно сможете повысить свой уровень игры, улучшить понимание дебюта, миттельшпиля и эндшпиля.

Для широкого круга любителей и знатоков шахмат.

59,00 zł

Mistrzowie Polski w Szachach - część 1 - 1926-1978 (K-5849) Mistrzowie Polski w Szachach - część 1 - 1926-1978 (K-5849) -25%
  • -25%
  • Zestaw

10x Mistrzowie Polski w Szachach - część 1 - 1926-1978 (K-5849/10)

„Mistrzowie Polski w szachach” to oryginalna pozycja na rynku literatury szachowej dotyka bowiem tematyki nie do końca precyzyjnie opracowanej przez innych autorów, tj. naszych rodzimych, polskich szachistów. Napisana została w sposób, który pozwala na to, by czytelnikiem mógł być każdy pasjonat szachów, bez względu na siłę gry. Znajdziemy w niej zarówno biografie mistrzów uszeregowane chronologicznie według daty zdobycia najcenniejszego tytułu w kraju wraz z wybranymi fotografiami, jak i analizę twórczości poprzez pryzmat granych przez nich partii. Zwieńczeniem tematyki są wybrane przez autorów kombinacje zaczerpnięte z praktyki turniejowej bohaterów publikacji. Interesującym aspektem są także liczne tabele z wynikami poszczególnych Mistrzostw Polski, które pozwalają na analizę ich przebiegu. Autorzy poświęcili wiele czasu i sił, by książka, a właściwie książki (ponieważ materiał przez nich zebrany przy pracy podzielony został na dwie części) „Mistrzowie Polski w szachach” stanowiły profesjonalny i ułożony zbiór istotnych informacji historyczno-biograficznych oraz rozwijających szachowych materiałów.

Niniejsza publikacja to całkowity „must have” dla każdego miłośnika szachów , zarówno tych, którzy chcą polepszyć swoje umiejętności jak i tych, którzy zainteresowani szachową historią chcą oddać się przyjemnej beletrystycznej lekturze.

480,00 zł Cena podstawowa 640,00 zł

A Feast of Chess in Time of Plague: Candidates Tournament 2020 - Część 1 - Yekaterinburg - Vladimir Tukmakov (K-5886)

The official story of the 2020 Candidates Tournament began on November the 11th, 2019 with the signing of a contract between FIDE and the Russian Chess Federation detailing the hosting duties of said tournament in Ekaterinburg from the 15th of March to the 5th of April, 2020.

BRAK NA MAGAZYNIE - produkt może zostać sprowadzony "NA ZAMÓWIENIE"

114,00 zł
World Champion Chess for... -20%
  • -20%

World Champion Chess for Juniors: Learn From the Greatest Players Ever - Joel Benjamin (K-5885)

Grandmaster Joel Benjamin introduces all seventeen World Chess Champions and shows what is important about their style of play and what you can learn from them. He describes both their historical significance and how they inspired his own development as a player.

84,80 zł Cena podstawowa 106,00 zł
B. Postovsky, M. Glukhovsky - "Devoted to Chess: The Creative Heritage of Yuri Razuvaev" (K-5618) B. Postovsky, M. Glukhovsky - "Devoted to Chess: The Creative Heritage of Yuri Razuvaev" (K-5618) -20%
  • -20%
C.Crouch "Siła Magnusa.Jak Carlsen pobił rekord Kasparowa" C.Crouch "Siła Magnusa.Jak Carlsen pobił rekord Kasparowa" -17,00 zł
  • -17,00 zł

C.Crouch "Siła Magnusa.Jak Carlsen pobił rekord Kasparowa"

79,00 zł Cena podstawowa 96,00 zł
J.Polgar "Od Arcymistrza do najlepszej 10-tki" (K-3540/2) J.Polgar "Od Arcymistrza do najlepszej 10-tki" (K-3540/2) -26,00 zł
  • -26,00 zł

J.Polgar "Od Arcymistrza do najlepszej 10-tki" (K-3540/2)

99,00 zł Cena podstawowa 125,00 zł
Kotronias V.,Logothetis S. " Atak Carlsena na tron " Kotronias V.,Logothetis S. " Atak Carlsena na tron " -40,00 zł
  • -40,00 zł

Kotronias V.,Logothetis S. " Atak Carlsena na tron "

89,00 zł Cena podstawowa 129,00 zł