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Fundamentals of Chess Tactics - Qiyu Zhou (P-0078)

Fundamentals of Chess Tactics - Qiyu Zhou (P-0078)

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Fundamentals of Chess Tactics - Qiyu Zhou (P-0078)

Fundamentals of Chess Tactics - Qiyu Zhou (P-0078)

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What’s the easiest way to win a chess game? We all know finding a good tactic in a game can let you win a point immediately. Therefore, Fundamentals of Tactics is an excellent choice for you if you wish to learn how to start finding tactics in your games! Join me in learning about the most common tactical themes that appear in chess. I also provide extremely useful tips (which I use myself) for being the most efficient at finding tactics in your games. 

This interactive DVD is aimed at improving both tactical insight and problemsolving abilities for beginners. With 15+ chapters, each explaining a different theme, I will introduce you to not only popular themes like pins, discovered attacks, and but even give you insight into more complicated themes like the Greek Gift, exchange sacrifice. To really test your knowledge on tactics, I recommend you to pause the video at times and try to solve the position for yourself. At the end of the DVD, I have prepared numerous exercises meant for you to solve without knowing the theme. I hope you enjoy!

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